Dedicated Attorney Handles Property and Business-related Matters in Essex, Morris and Passaic Counties

Accomplished Roseland lawyer represents clients in real estate, estate planning and corporate issues

Certain situations in business and life demand the advice of an attorney to ensure that legal issues are adequately addressed. At Gerald P. Scala, Esq. in Roseland, I focus my practice on handling complex legal matters and providing long-term plans and sound guidance to help people make good decisions. Having represented clients in Essex, Morris and Passaic counties for over 40 years, I deeply understand the practical and legal needs of those seeking representation in residential and commercial real estate transactions, business contracts and estate administration. I work closely with my clients to develop creative solutions to their legal challenges, so whether you require a review of your sales contract, a new customer agreement or assistance through the probate process, I will give you a detailed analysis and plan so you can make an informed decision.

Experienced law firm provides thorough and effective legal representation

Choosing the right lawyer is the first step toward achieving a good outcome, and I help residents and companies in Essex, Morris and Passaic Counties attain the results they seek by offering the following:

  • Innovative thinking — My years of experience give me the insight needed to construct resourceful strategies that work as planned, often reducing time, cost and stress.
  • A hands-on approach — By giving your case personalized attention, I can deliver feedback quickly and respond to developments effectively so your matter is resolved sooner, and often more successfully.
  • Familiarity with applicable laws — Knowing what the law both allows and requires grants me a better understanding of how to craft a solution to your legal issue that suits your needs and complies with state and local laws.

I appreciate how important finding a workable solution to your legal matter is and will use my extensive experience and resources to help you reach your goals.

Knowledgeable counselor advocates for New Jersey residents and businesses in Essex, Morris and Passaic Counties

I provide strong legal representation to residents and companies in the following matters:

  • Real estate — I focus much of my practice on the sale of property and help clients navigate residential real estate purchases as well as commercial real estate transactions. The commitment involved in buying property is substantial, so the negative consequences if something goes wrong could be severe. I will work to negotiate a fair deal that minimizes the likelihood of potential problems down the road.
  • Business law — Businesses frequently need help managing contractual relationships with vendors, customers, lenders and more. I handle a variety of business law matters, including contract issues, and will give your company the legal counsel necessary to support a successful operation.
  • Estate planning — Settling end-of-life decisions and inheritance issues can be daunting, but I provide in-depth estate planning services that include drafting wills and creating trusts to help you achieve peace of mind for yourself and security for your family. I also guide executors and administrators of a deceased loved one’s estate through the probate and estate administration process.

My nuanced and creative approach, developed over decades of experience, will give you the best chance to accomplish your objectives.

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Gerald P. Scala, Esq. represents individuals and businesses throughout Essex, Morris and Passaic counties in real estate, business law and estate planning matters. Call me 973-243-0040 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation at my Roseland office.